What My Client's Are Saying

"I have been having reflexology in different places for over 5 years. Without doubt Dee is the best reflexologist I have been to. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge so can tailor the treatment to the exact areas you might want and make suggestions based on how you might be feeling. I recently tried a facial rejuvenation treatment and was surprised by how well I felt afterward. I would recommend both treatments if you are looking to improve your well being overall and take some time to relax. "

Sophie, 31, Hammersmith

“I am currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I saw Dee once every week whilst trying to conceive and have continued to see her regularly throughout my pregnancy. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, caring and kind, she is considerate and always professional. The treatments have helped me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and I very much look forward to seeing Dee every week as the treatments really help me to relax. Swelling and water retention is a common problem for pregnant women and I have suffered from this myself since my 2nd trimester, other pregnancy niggles I've had such as back ache and sinus issues have all been relieved by Dee and her magical hands, I believe this is a result of my regular treatments with her.

I highly recommend reflexology with Dee, especially if you are trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy! Once my baby is born I plan to continue my sessions and I look forward to Dee working on both myself and my baby.”

Natalie Morris, QVC, Chiswick Business Park

“I have found reflexology with Dee invaluable through my pregnancy. The treatments have really helped relieve any pregnancy related issues I’ve been experiencing such as morning sickness, backache, digestive problems and improving circulation. The treatments have also allowed me to find time to relax and de-stress. Dee is such a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable reflexologist that I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Sarah Chaney, Chiswick Business Park

“Dee's reflexology has been amazing during my pregnancy.  I look forward to my weekly session so much, and they help me sleep, feel calm and energised during the day.   The fact that Dee comes to my house makes it so easy and stress free.”

Michele Rousseau, Chiswick

“I attended my first reflexology session with Dee at my home when I was 36 weeks pregnant. My goal was to have a relaxing full body experience, without the need for massage. My baby was transverse, so I needed to relax and encourage baby to move positions. Massage when pregnant is limited and sometimes frustrating. Some will not treat you after a certain number of weeks. Dee’s reflexology sessions relaxed me all over my body, and indeed baby – it was just what I needed.

Dee is very professional but also very personable, and above all calming as a person. Once I had the baby Dee also gave me full body massages to relieve the tension from breast feeding.

Dee was my first experience of reflexology, which I was sceptical about as a practice, until I tried a session with Dee.

I would recommend Dee for your prenatal ailments, stresses and tensions or indeed any other restorative treatments.”

Simone Reid, Hammersmith

“I would say that since starting my reflexology session with Dee, I have benefited from both and emotional and notably physical aspect.

My cycle has stabilized and is consistent every month without the use of medical intervention or medication, which is what my goal was. I feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed at the end of each session and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dee to anyone who's thinking of giving Reflexology a go.”

Dee Ralph, Starbucks, Chiswick Business Park

"I can’t recommend Dee highly enough. I have been having reflexology from Dee for some time and each visit is tailored to my specific needs. The treatments are a chance to relax knowing that you are in very capable hands and I always feel fantastic afterwards."

Claire Reid, HR Director, Paramount Pictures, Chiswick Business Park

" I really enjoyed the massages with Dee because she made me feel so relaxed. "

Eloise, aged 10, Hammersmith

"Dee provides an excellent service - professional knowledge and expertise are backed up by her warm, caring personality. Dee takes the time and trouble to select a blend of oils to suit the individual, making the facial or aromatherapy massage a truly rewarding and beneficial experience."

Helen Burling, Chiswick

“Dee is an absolutely amazing reflexologist. I´ve had a sore hip consistently until I started regular sessions with Dee and now the pain seems to have gone. Dee is very relaxed and lovely and I look forward immensely to her treatments and the sense of calm I feel during and after them.”

Neris Johnson, Chiswick

"I highly recommend Dee. My hectic and demanding work schedule left me looking for something that would help. Reflexology absolutely does just that. After a session with Dee I feel immediately relaxed. But it is the days afterwards where I truly benefit. I’m more focused, have more energy and an overall feeling of positivity. It’s now become a regular re-boot!"

Christopher Timmins, VUE, Chiswick Business Park

"Dee, I can honestly say knows exactly what she is doing.  I have regular treatments from her and she is a very knowledgeable and caring therapist. Her therapeutic energy eases away those tensions and has a wonderful way of energising you.  As a therapist myself, I can really appreciate Dee 's expertise!  I would truly recommend regular sessions to keep on top of those ache and pains and for overall wellbeing."

Kathleen Slattery, Aromatherapist

“Dee's Facial Reflexology....for anyone wanting to give a very special present can I suggest a Dee Facial Reflexology.  A wonderful experience, completely relaxing and very therapeutic.  Try one you will not be disappointed.”

Kirstie Treacher, Kensington


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