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Reiki Treatment


This natural facelift is a non-invasive natural approach to stimulating and energising the face; it is a holistic treatment that invigorates the senses.  Facial Rejuvenation Massage energises the face improving the texture and tone of the skin whilst relaxing the mind and the body; it restores skin suppleness by toning the collagen and elastin fibres.

We carry so much tension in our face through stress, tension that locks into our facial expressions. Fine lines and wrinkles can form due to the muscles being over tense and the skin being dehydrated and undernourished. Facial Rejuvenation can help unlock this tension and rejuvenate the skin with specific lifting techniques.  It increases the blood circulation and drains lymphatic fluid.  It is a great aid in releasing stress, relaxing an overworked mind and body.

A one-off treatment can boost the appearance of the skin (great before a special event) but regular treatments can have a more long-term effect.

Research shows that it takes six weeks to break any habit.  We recommend six weekly treatments to break the habit and help retrain the facial muscles.  Then monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.  A bit like going to the gym, one or two sessions will not have a long-term effect but regular sessions will. 

Facial Rejuvenation combines the benefits of other tried and trusted therapies such as lymphatic drainage, head massage, yoga and acupressure.   The gentle repetitive moves of the treatment calm and soothe the mind inducing relaxation, reducing tension and improving the blood and lymphatic flow to the face.

Treatment is performed fully clothed.  Organic rosewater is used to sweep off excess make up but eye make-up is not affected.  The therapist works on the skin dry.  The massage works the face systematically, working through the layers of the skin, helping the release of deep-seated tension.  Following Facial Rejuvenation treatment an organic facial oil is massaged into the skin. Bespoke organic facial oils and skin toners are available to buy on request.  Facial exercises will be given to help prolong the effects of the facial.

Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation

  • Lessens wrinkles and expression lines

  • Releases tension and stress of the facial muscles

  • Reduces bags and dark circles around the eyes

  • Tones and improves complexion

  • Enhances feeling of well-being

  • Aids relief from tension headaches, eyestrain, stress-related symptoms

  • Brightens eyes.

This face lifting solution works!  It is a must have treatment before a big presentation (enhances self-confidence) or before a big night out.

What people have said:

“Dee’s facial left me feeling and looking ten years younger. I skipped out of her treatment room. I can’t wait to see how I look after the full course”. 
Neris Johnson, Journalist and mother, 45

“Facial Rejuvenation massage with Dee was very different to any facial that I have had before, my face felt stimulated, energised, soft and exfoliated and I could still feel the benefits two days later.  Better than Botox!”

Sarah K, Chiswick

“I am feeling much more relaxed in my face and head, a relief because I can often feel tension around my jaw. I do believe that some of my deeper wrinkles lightened as well, over the 6 week course and I’d swear my eyes have looked bigger”

Junko Furugori, Northfields

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