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Dee's Organics

Dee’s Organics combines organic skincare with holistic therapies. 30 years experience as a nurse, aromatherapist, facial therapist & skincare formulator is poured into every bottle and jar using the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. Dee’s Organics products are freshly blended in small batches. Dee’s focus is to replenish, revitalise & rejuvenate the skin, while having a positive effect on the mind. Skincare isn’t just functional, its more than applying a
product, it is a mind/body experience. Each product works on the senses.

Why Dee's Organics?

Dee’s Organics offers high performance skincare, freshly made by hand in London.
Dee uses the finest quality, ethically sourced organic ingredients, including precious
botanical extracts.

This is uncomplicated skincare, bringing us back to nature. Dee’s Organics products deliver powerful results to benefit the skin. The addition of essential oils boosts the mood and enhances overall wellbeing.

After spending several years formulating bespoke skincare for clients, Dee has decided to bring a few of her most popular recipes to market: Dee’s signature Facial Elixir described by clients as “The Dom Perignon of facial oils” and Soothe Facial Elixir specially formulated for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, with added CO2 extracts of chamomile and calendula.
Problem skin deserves to be pampered with luxurious natural plant extract ingredients!

Enter Dee’s world to experience quality skincare at its best.

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